Republican US Congressmen Mark Kirk may not be named after Captain Kirk, but even his staunchest supporter must admit he has the look of Kirk's Half-Human, Half-Vulcan counterpart. And he's that cold.

While appearing on the June 16, 2008 edition of the Chicago radio show Don Wade and Roma, Kirk said, "If we see Obama, there's a shoot on sight order." Despite this some 153,082 voters in the Illinois's 10th congressional district opted for Kirk in the election.

And why shouldn't they. Except that if Kirk started writing letters to the leadership of Zamunda (the African monarchy from the film Coming to America) or Telmar (located west of Narnia in C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia), they may think he should quit Washington for Bartonville Insane Asylum in Illinois.

Yet as a pen pal to Bako S. Sahakyan, leader of an unrecognised nation, the legally fictional Nagorno Karabagh Republic, Congressmen Kirk is doing just that, conversing with an illegal, unrecognized nation.

It is wrong for Congressmen Kirk’s Republican opponents in recent primaries to publicly air the rumours about his homosexuality, particularly in the wake of his recent divorce. That is wrong. Congressmen Kirk's personal lifestyle is no-one's business.

What is, is his belief in a fictional country, and the donations he receives from a lobby connected with that fictional country.